Whether you are relocating from out of state, moving from another city in Colorado, or even moving from another country, there are plenty of things you will want to know before moving to Longmont, Colorado.

Suffice it to say, this is a mid-size city with a ton of charm, stunning views, and an awful lot of character. People in Longmont are friendly and welcoming, so you will feel right at home in no time.

Until then, here are seven things you need to know before moving to Longmont.

1. It has an amazing location.

Not just a charming city in its own right, Longmont is also centrally located in Colorado. Longmont is within forty miles of Boulder, Fort Collins, Denver, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Roosevelt National Forest and Denver International Airport, so it’s easy to get around and explore all the state has to offer.

With gorgeous views of Longs Peak and access to miles of pristine hiking trails through natural wilderness, Longmont is a great home base for both city breaks and nature-based excursions alike. Its fantastic location makes Longmont a great base for any Colorado adventures.

2. It has its own local lingo.

If you are going to become a Longmont local, you will definitely want to become familiar with some of the local terminology. That way, if you hear someone talking about a fun camping trip in St. Vrain that they recently returned from, you know they are talking about the part of the valley that surrounds Longmont where the creek breaks off from the South Platte River.

Or you may wonder why so many schools, local businesses, creeks, and even breweries in Longmont are named “Left Hand”. Left Hand was one nickname for Chief Niwot, the leader of the Southern Arapaho Native American tribe who inhabited this area.

If you hear someone ordering a “Colorado Kool-Aid”, don’t expect them to receive a colorful glass of punch. That’s local slang for a Coors beer.

And, of course, you should definitely know the term “LOCO”. No, it doesn’t mean “crazy”- LOCO is our abbreviation for Longmont, Colorado. And there is a certain kind of warmth and pride that goes along with this term. Living in Longmont truly means getting into the LOCO lifestyle.

3. It was named after a mountain peak.

Fun fact: Longmont was named after a mountain peak… kind of. In 1871, explorer Stephen Long discovered a mountain peak in the Rocky Mountain range. He and his crew of explorers named it “Longs Peak”.

Later, the town was also named for the explorer, which explains the “Long” part of Longmont. “Mont”, meanwhile, is the French word for mountain. So Longmont is named “Long Mountain”- which is kind of the same as Longs Peak.

4. There are tons of tech jobs available.

In recent years, major tech companies have been drawn to Longmont and it’s easy to see why. Between affordable costs of living, high quality utilities, and a highly educated workforce, big name companies in the tech sector have decided to call Longmont home.

So new Longmont residents seeking employment in the STEM field can find jobs at DigitalGlobe, Xilinx, Micron Tech, and Seagate to name a few. Plus, many recent grads remain in Longmont to form brand new tech startups, so it’s a great place to build something from the ground up.

5. There are lots of great schools.

It is only natural that Longmont should attract so many tech companies; its local St. Vrain school district is known for tech innovation. From the thousands of computers and tablets available to students to the advanced robotics programs in St. Vrain schools, these classrooms are on the cutting edge of STEM education.

Each school excels in its own area, and one perk of living in Longmont is that you don’t have to pay extra for your kids to attend schools in a neighboring district within the city. Unlike most places, that means you don’t have to choose where to move based on which schools are close by.

For college students, there are plenty of colleges and universities a short drive away, both public and private. University of Colorado Boulder is probably the most well-known, but Colorado State University, Colorado School of Mines, and Front Range Community College in Boulder also offer college students a top-notch education in general and specialized fields.

6. The weather is great.

If you are looking for a town that offers that perfect blend of sunny days and seasonal weather, Longmont is your place. The city gets roughly 200 days of sunshine each year, which means plenty of weather appropriate for all of the fun outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.

But Longmont also experiences all four seasons, so you will get to see the trees change colors in autumn, and go play in the snow in the winter. Longmont gets about 41 inches of snow every winter, but the winters still offer plenty of sunny days. So you can ski down the slopes but still soak in the sunshine even in January. Since Colorado is not particularly humid, the winter temperatures don’t feel as frosty as other places, and the summers still mild and moderate.

7. It’s a nature lover’s dream.

If you love experiencing the great outdoors in any form, from hiking to extreme sports, Longmont is the perfect place to live. From the jaw dropping vistas during the drive through winding mountain roads into the Rocky Mountains to the pulsing adrenaline rush of skydiving, there are endless ways to experience the natural beauty of Colorado from Longmont.

Plus, the close proximity to other major urban centers in Colorado means you have even more options to choose from. The short drive to Boulder brings you river tubing and rock climbing, while you can try your hand at stand up paddle boarding or canoeing at Macintosh Lake.

Living the LOCO Life

As you prepare for your move to Longmont, you can look forward to living in an incredible hidden gem in Colorado. Between the wonderful places to eat and drink, family friendly activities, outdoor recreation, and the friendliness of the people themselves, you’ll be glad you moved to Longmont. And if you ever forget what you love about this place, that stunning view of the Rocky Mountains will be right there on the edge of town to remind you.



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