Before Fall Begins: Preparing Your Home

Before Fall Begins


Before fall begins, you need to know the best things to do to your home. Getting your checklist done before fall is crucial to staying on top of home maintenance. Here in Colorado, preparing for the fall is something you do not want to mess around with and wait. Today we will discuss a few major tasks to get done before fall arrives and you fall behind.

Before Fall Begins: Clear Out The Gutters

Your gutters take a large amount of abuse each year and each season. Ensuring they get the maintenance they deserve is vital to keep them working all year long. Getting up on the roof and cleaning them by hand or machine may not be the task for everyone. If climbing up a ladder isn’t your thing, there are many services you can call. They will come out and clean your gutters without issue.

If there are issues with any gutters that need to be replaced, now is the time to do it. Waiting until all the leaves fall is not a good call and can cause more expenses down the line. Once the leaves start piling up, your gutters will be on full-time duty. Replacing your gutters may seem like a significant expense, but repairing water damage is even more expensive, so replace your gutters now and avoid the hassle.

Before Fall Begins: Check Windows

Checking the windows in your home for leaks or gaps in your seals can save you tons of money trying to heat your home. Making sure the windows are seated correctly is a simple task that doesn’t take long and can save you a ton of time. Weather-stripping is cheap and easy to install and takes no experience. Spending a Saturday and going through your entire house and making sure all the windows are good and winter ready is crucial.

You can hold your hand near the opening of a window and feel if any outside air is getting in. If you feel any draft, it is time to replace your weather-stripping and eliminate that problem.

Before Fall Begins: Fertilize Your Grass

Fertilizing your grass is essential to having healthy grass when the spring and summer seasons come around. The fall and winter can be very damaging to your grass and its roots. Even though you may not be able to see your grass during the cold, it does not mean that it isn’t alive and growing. The roots of all your grass are always alive and actively growing. It is critical to take the time to fertilize and give your grass the food it needs to survive the winter.

You do not want to over-fertilize your grass, but if you adhere to a strict schedule, fertilizing in the fall will be next on your list. Utilizing a seed-spreader, you can spread fertilizer to the grass that needs it most.

Check Snow Blower And Other Winter Tools

Checking your winter equipment long before it arrives will save you a ton of hassle. Making sure your snow blower is in running condition now, when you don’t need it, is going to be a lifesaver when you do need it. Whether you have an electric or gas-powered unit, make sure it starts and runs should be at the top of your list. 

If there is any other equipment you use during the winter, now is the time to check it. Make sure shovels are in good shape and won’t break when you need them most.

If you are new to the area or looking to upgrade your home, please get in touch with me and allow me to help you with your search.