How to Choose a Realtor

Looking for Someone You Can Trust

Selling properties is not something most of us do daily, so the process of choosing a realtor to handle your property sale might seem a little daunting. One of my biggest joys in life is to get people how to choose a realtor they can trust. Someone who knows the market and how to get value for their clients. Here is a list of things I recommend looking for when choosing the right realtor for you.

Make a shortlist of Realtors

Create a list of real estate professionals you would consider using. Ask friends and neighbors if they have any recommendations. Have a look online, where you can search for local realtors. You also want to ensure that your shortlisted realtors are fully licensed. Realtors and real estate agents must provide that their license is up to date.

Start Narrowing Down your Choices

Now it’s time to learn more about the realtors on your list. Please take a look at their websites and social media platforms. There may be more information about the realtors and the range of services. Perhaps there are comments or testimonials available from their customers. Look at the type of properties they are listing for sale. Are they similar to your property and presented with top-quality photos and ample information? Would you like to see your property amongst their listings? Check where the realtor advertises the properties to ensure that your listing will get the maximum visibility. From here, you should be able to narrow your list down to about three realtors who could be invited out to your property to provide their opinion of its value and to describe how they would approach the sales process.

Find Out if They Are the Realtors for You

You will talk to these realtors via mail or phone, but you’ll get a better idea of who they are if you meet them in person—one of the essential tips for choosing a realtor. You are about to hand over to them what is likely your most valuable asset, so you want to know they are trustworthy and efficient. When you meet them, how do they react to you? Do you feel a sense of welcome, friendliness, and professionalism? It’s essential that you feel comfortable with them.

What’s your Property Worth

When the realtor arrives, you might want to pay close attention to their punctuality, knowledge, and professionalism. They will advise you on what they think your property’s asking price should be and how much you expect it to sell. If all the realtors suggest amounts within the same region, you can be sure they are accurate. If one of them proposes an entirely different value, ask them to justify their opinion by showing you examples of similar properties on the market and those sold.

Help the Realtor to Help You

A good realtor will have the ability to gain an understanding of your circumstances and requirements quickly. Perhaps you must sell quickly because of a relocation, or maybe there’s a baby on the way, and you are looking for a bigger home. Help the realtor to help you. Be transparent about your circumstances and why you have decided to sell. Everyone has their requirements, and a good realtor will tailor their services to deal with yours.

Ask Lots of Questions

From your initial research, you’ll already have some idea of how these realtors showcase their listings. Still, you want to know what they will do for you and how they will market your property. Ask if they already might have some prospective buyers. Ask how often they will contact you to let you know the sale’s progress.

The Realtor’s Fees

The realtor commission will usually be a portion of the selling price. A good realtor will be happy to explain all this in detail, and there should be no concealed expenses. When you are ready to choose a realtor, make a judgment based on the realtor’s value, and don’t assume that the cheapest is the best.

Choosing the Realtor

Now that you’ve met the realtors, had their price opinions, found out what they deliver, and know their fees, it’s time to make your choice. You can appoint just one realtor or several. But just because you can do something does not mean that you should.

Working as a Team

Once you have made your choice, think of you and the realtor as a team working in partnership to find a reliable buyer who will pay the property’s top price. You are more likely to succeed in making it happen if you work together.


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