Top Interior Design Trends of 2022

Design Trends 2022

Design trends are constantly changing and evolving. The exciting thing about design trends is that many of the current trends are older trends that have come back into style. Some trends are keeping up with the current technology and eco-friendly practices. We will discuss some of the top trends of 2022!

‘70s Retro Throwback Trend

Retro is in! A touch of ’70s flair can spice up a room and add that extra design it needs. Warm neutral colors such as burnt orange, moss greens, and flowery yellows can brighten a space up. A thrift mall or flea market can be a great place to find some objects to bring the ‘70s alive!

Nature Inspired Trend

Bringing nature into your house is not only a trending design but also great for your health and wellbeing. Bring authentic greenery into your home. Make sure to bring in natural elements such as woods and warm and cool browns to balance the greens. Also, you watch as the plants grow, and your rooms turn even more beautiful as the days go on!

Multifunctional Spaces Trend

Having a single-use space is something getting left in the past as of 2022. This year is all about utilizing the area of your rooms by creating niches and other nooks and crannies and making the most of your space. Using different shelves and other storage devices, you can make your house work for you!

High Tech Homes Trend

Technology is the central lynchpin of modern society. Everything is either built with technology or built to utilize and enhance technology. Using the advantages of modern technology, you can turn an outdated kitchen into a contemporary masterpiece!

Round and Soft Edges Trend

Curvy furniture is the trend to follow this year. Initially, during the pandemic, this trend was an upcoming design that people didn’t think would make it out. This trend will thrive and grow more popular as time goes on. The curvy and soft edges of furniture and lamps complement each other quite well and will tie together a room in no time!