We can all agree that 2020 was full of surprises, among which has been the Northern Colorado real estate market’s surprising resilience. There are plenty of reasons why home buyers are attracted to Northern Colorado- with beautiful scenery, plenty of outdoor activities, and excellent public education – it retains a high quality of life.
It’s not surprising that Northern Colorado real estate market is growing, as it consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in the United States. Despite the overall challenges 2020 brought, the end of the year saw the housing market finish strong. While the buying season was delayed, the industry still reported new highs for home sales. As we now enter 2021, the buyers might feel deflated by the pandemic’s challenges, and the sales activity might be expected to start slow. But if there is one thing the Northern Colorado real estate market thrives on – its optimism.

A Glimmer of Hope

Even though information about the success and safety of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Northern Colorado is still filled with several unknowns, the mere glimmer of an easing of the pandemic creates a sense of hope in the air.
The real estate market is frequently driven by emotion, and if there is a feel-good factor out there among the buyers, the market can get heated very quickly. We have seen this happen in the financial markets with positive news around the vaccine, and there are no reasons why the same would not happen to Northern Colorado real estate.

City Departure

The vaccine rollout will also help immunize cities against mass departure. It is well documented that city residents have been reconsidering their lifestyle in the wake of the pandemic; however, the promise of a return to normality and the vaccine rollout could give people the hope the confidence they need, which could protect the urban environment of Northern Colorado.

The Return of International Buyers

Northern Colorado will always appeal to buyers nationally and internationally looking to seek a better quality of life and want to own their own property. With scientists reporting more and more positive findings and with more people receiving the vaccines, it will undoubtedly impact consumer confidence. A vaccine successful enough to bring back international travel will see the return of one of the most significant sectors in the Northern Colorado real estate market – the international buyer.
More than anything, markets need certainty, and the knowledge that the pandemic could be brought under control could see the Northern Colorado housing market surge as emotion rebounds.
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